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Voice Comments?

Yes, you can now leave voice comments to voice blogs on Crapv!ne thanks to, and Soundcloud.

How to record/add a voice comment to a blog on Crapv!ne using Soundcloud?

it’s easy! Just register an account on Soundcloud .com if you don’t already have one? Then head over to their upload/record page to either upload or record your audio comment. 

Once your recording is finished save it as a “Private” recording then click on the recording’s share button to get the private share link. Copy the private share link for your soundcloud post and just paste it in to the comments section on any Crapv!ne blog post. That’s it .. you’re done!

That wasn’t very hard now was it? 😉

Great News!   You can now also use AudioMack to record and post voice comments on Crapv!ne and other blogs. 😉



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